10014 102 Unit 201 Avenue Grande Prairie T8V 0Z7

10014 102 Unit 201 Avenue Grande Prairie T8V 0Z7

Orthodontics in Grand Prairie

Orthodontic treatment is used to correct a person’s bite. Here at the Northern Dental Centre in Grand Prairie, we provide a full range of orthodontic services to help patients correct their bite.

It doesn’t matter what the problem is because we have a solution for you.

The chances are you discovered that you had a problem during one of your regular examinations with us. That’s great because it means we detected the issue before it became a major problem.

But how do we approach orthodontics and what does it mean for you?

How We Correct Your Bite Problem?

There are many options for correcting your bite. The options on the table depend on your exact problem. For example, correcting a major overbite is not the same as correcting the forward growth of an upper jaw in a younger patient.

We will examine your teeth and take impressions so we can determine exactly what you need. Some examples of the orthodontic devices we may use include:

Dental Braces – These are the classic metal brackets applied to the front of your teeth. Wires are threaded through and over time your braces will correct the problem. Typically, you will need to have your braces adjusted every couple of months.

Rubber Bands – Used mainly throughout treatments to apply additional force to properly correct the bite.

Retainers – These are used after the removal of braces, so the new positions of the teeth can be maintained.

Headgear – For younger patients experiencing jaw growth problems, headgear is used to prevent any further forward growth as they go through their development stages.

A New Type of Braces – Invisalign

One of the brand new revolutions in the One of the options in the field of orthodontics is Invisalign. These work in exactly the same way as braces, but it’s a device that can’t be seen. A different set of teeth is selected to be adjusted over the course of two weeks, before moving onto the next set.

Invisalign is more aesthetic than  braces and they don’t change your look as you go through the treatment process. Nobody will ever know you’re straightening your teeth.

It’s a new service We offer this service at the Northern Dental Centre because of how much positive feedback we’ve seen from patients who want straight teeth.

To find out more about how to get straight teeth with our treatments, contact us today at 780-532-1786.

FAQ's for Orthodontics

Do I need braces?

It depends. Not everyone with a bite that needs correcting has to get braces. If it’s not a problem we don’t advocate braces, except for cosmetic purposes. The best way to know is to have an exam with one of our dentists to determine your options.

Do braces work 100% of the time?

No, this is why we always take into account the individual patient. Sometimes teeth will return to their misaligned states after removing the braces.

Are braces hygienic?

They are if you follow the cleaning regime correctly. Unfortunately, unless you’re attentive, it’s difficult to do this. They’re harder to clean, but this is why Invisalign is becoming more popular in orthodontics. It’s a much more hygienic product.    however our team will provide great oral hygiene instructions and recommended you come more often for visits with our hygienists.

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