10014 102 Unit 201 Avenue Grande Prairie T8V 0Z7

10014 102 Unit 201 Avenue Grande Prairie T8V 0Z7

Laser Therapy

About Laser Therapy

While lasers might seem like something from the future, dentists have actually been using them to treat a variety of dental issues since 1994. These beams are versatile, effective, and best of all efficient, able to offer more effective cleaning at a much quicker pace.

Laser therapy can be used on a number of dental problems, all with consistent success. Lasers are used to remove tooth decay while simultaneously clearing and shaping the space to be filled. They are also used to combat gum disease, reshaping them while removing bacteria buildup. These lasers are also great for performing biopsies, removing troublesome lesions, or alleviate some of the pain from a canker sore. And on top of all these great health benefits, they are excellent for whitening teeth quickly.

These lasers are extremely useful for a number of different activities, whether it is slicing off harmful tissue, vaporizing bacteria deposits, or activating teeth whitening chemicals. They are typically less painful than traditional methods, reducing the need for anesthesia. The lasers also help alleviate the anxiety some patients feel when going to the dentist’s office because they replace the need for drills. On top of that, lasers cause less swelling and inflammation, and they leave more of the healthy tooth intact
when removing cavities.


One of the leading companies in the world of laser dental technology is Biolase. They produce a number of different products designed to be used in a variety of different dental procedures. Biolase boasts the ability to offer the best quality laser tools available, no matter what procedure you need them for. Whether you need a laser that can tackle hard or soft tissue, or a device that scan the mouth for any and all dental emergencies, Biolase offers the products and expertise needed to fully treat whatever area is in trouble.

Biolase offers products designed to be used for many different treatments. Their lasers can be used to restore teeth to their former healthy glory, perform oral surgery without a scalpel, or insert dental implants. They are also effective at relieving tooth pain, whitening teeth, and redesigning smiles by slicing away gum tissue. Biolase lasers are safe to use on children, making them viable options for pediatric dental care. They are also extremely useful for treating periodontitis and endodontic issues.


The Waterlase family of lasers is the most widely used line of all-tissue lasers used in dental procedures today, receiving numerous awards and accolades. The Waterlase iPlus is the best-selling all-tissue laser of all time, and when you see it in action it is not hard to see why. The iPlus is the most powerful model, able to clear cavities in a fraction of the time it takes other lasers to do the same thing. It also has a more versatile number of uses, able to help with dozens of different dental procedures effectively.

The Waterlase Express is another all-tissue laser that brings you the same kind of effective dental hygiene management, all at a much more reasonable price tag. This portable device can perform minimally invasive procedures effectively, usually alleviating symptoms even better than expected. It is easy to master, so you can count on the dental staff operating it knowing what they are doing. This portable, compact laser is an excellent tool for any dentist’s office.

If you live in the Grand Prairie, Alberta area and are intrigued by all the amazing dental procedures laser therapy can be used for, contact Northern Dental Centre at 780-532-1786 to schedule an appointment and experience the thrill of laser powered dental hygiene today.

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