10014 102 Unit 201 Avenue Grande Prairie T8V 0Z7

10014 102 Unit 201 Avenue Grande Prairie T8V 0Z7

Laser Diagnostics

No matter how great your Grand Prairie dentist is, they may not be able to notice every issue plaguing your teeth with the naked eye. Even after using a dental probe and x-rays to get a better view, they still are not able to observe all signs of damage and decay. That is why, at Northern Dental Centre, we use laser diagnostics to find and identify problem areas that they usually would not be able to detect.

Laser diagnostics might sound intimidating at first, but this painless procedure uses the newest advancements in dental technology to help you and your dentist get a fuller picture of the health of your teeth. When you first start to develop a cavity in one of your teeth, the start of the decay does not show up on any dental x-rays. On top of that, regular dental probes are also not particularly good at detecting the early signs of cavities. Their limited scope means that there is a chance that decay has started to build up in places further than a dental probe can reach.

But when these traditional dental tools cannot get the job done, that is when you should turn to laser diagnostics to help scout out the problem. The dentist uses a specialized, targeted laser beam to examine the teeth, the reflection of which helps reveal trouble areas where potential decay is starting to build up. This process exposes these issues long before conventional methods would bring them to light. This way, the patient can start taking preventative measures to help heal the tooth before any truly
serious damage occurs and you are forced to go through more painful procedures or even surgery. This painless tool ends up saving you a lot of time and discomfort in the long run.

Laser Diagnostics FAQ

When should I get laser diagnostics for my teeth?

This is an option you can get when getting your teeth cleaned regularly, but if you are feeling any pain or discomfort that you cannot exactly source then you should consider laser diagnostics.

Does the laser hurt?

No, the entire process is painless and easy to administer.

What should I do if damage is found?

If any early signs of decay show up after laser diagnostics, it is important to focus on improving your dental hygiene before the issues become more serious.

To get high quality dental service, including laser diagnostics, in the Grand Prairie, Alberta area, call the office at 780-532-1786 to schedule an appointment today.

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