10014 102 Unit 201 Avenue Grande Prairie T8V 0Z7

10014 102 Unit 201 Avenue Grande Prairie T8V 0Z7

Digital Technology

About Digital Dental Imaging

Direct dental imaging is the latest in diagnostic tools that allow us to better diagnose the problems of our patients. Since moving from analog to digital imaging, the diagnostic process is simpler and faster. We can also retrieve images more easily and manipulate the images to get a better perspective of the real problems patients like you are experiencing.

At the Northern Dental Centre, direct dental imaging is used by all of our dentists. When you choose us as your dentist you’re guaranteed to get your condition diagnosed, which ultimately allows us to provide you with a superior level of treatment.


X-rays are a crucial part of the diagnostic process. They’re vital for our dentists to not only determine what the problem is but the root cause of the problem.

Today we use digital x-rays because they use less waste and they can be produced much faster. Traditional x-rays used to use radiation to form the image, which is naturally harmful to everyone present. The digital version doesn’t use as much radiation and the images are of a far greater quality.

These days our patients find that our x-rays are nearly instant. That means there’s no need to leave and come back to get your results.

It’s far more efficient and it takes into consideration the value of your time.

Digital x-rays have also changed the way we diagnose our patients. The images produced are of a greater resolution and can be altered by the dentist to discover the true cause of a person’s face or jaw pain. They have led to a greater understanding of dentistry, and that’s good for everyone.

Is undergoing an x-ray safe for you?

Absolutely. There’s no risk of radiation exposure to the patient. Radiation is present even with the digital version, but the radiation is not above the normal levels we experience every day. There is less radiation exposure with digital technology vs. traditional film x-rays.

So why should you care about a change to this sort of technology?

It means a better quality of treatment for you. We can do more than ever before. Furthermore, we can keep you informed because they’re easier to interpret. It puts you in control of your treatment.

If you want to find out more about our x-rays, or you need to undergo one as part of your treatment, call us today at 780-532-1786.

Intra-Oral Dental Imaging

Intra-oral dental imaging is a more accurate way of taking a picture of your mouth. We use the intra-oral camera in the Northern Dental Centre to take more accurate internal images of your teeth and gums. Improved visibility allows us to spot signs and symptoms in a way that was much harder in the past.

Why is intra-oral dental imaging such a useful tool to have?

For our dentists, this is a much more ergonomically designed way of inspecting a patient’s mouth. There’s also a USB port to allow us to export images for use later.

But for patients, it makes you more involved in your treatment. You can see what the dentist sees, which means you can make a more informed decision regarding your treatment.

This is important for us because, in the past, a dentist would recommend a treatment and the patient would make a decision based on their professional opinion. Now you can make a decision yourself based on the same evidence the dentist has used.

It saves us a lot of time because we can take multiple images at once, therefore, we can diagnose oral problems earlier.

These are the advancements we’ve made at the Northern Dental Centre, so we can give you a better level of service.

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