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You only get one body in your lifetime, so it is important to take care of it as much as you can in order to life a happy, healthy, fulfilling life. One of the key parts of your body you need to maintain is your mouth, especially your teeth. Good dental hygiene is important in all factions of life, so keeping your teeth in tip top condition will help you live a healthy lifestyle, both physically and emotionally.

The health of your mouth can influence your general health, and often when your smile is healthy, so are you. Periodontal diseases are chronic bacterial infections affecting your gums and bone supporting the teeth. They can cause bad breath, loose teeth, and puffy, bleeding gums. Research has also shown a potential link between periodontal diseases and other inflammatory conditions, such as cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and Alzheimer’s disease.

But our hygienists will clean your teeth and check for signs of serious oral health problems, including cancer. During an oral visual exam, the hygienist will thoroughly check your teeth and gums, including under the gum line, the floor of your mouth, under the tongue and the soft palette.

Ensuring that you maintain regular visits with one of our hygienists is your best line of defense against serious oral health problems, because early detection means we can start treatment as soon as possible.

Teeth Cleaning FAQ

If I consistently take good care of my dental hygiene, do I really need to get a professional teeth cleaning?

Even if you make sure to brush vigorously and thoroughly twice a day, you still need to go in and have a hygienist give you a professional teeth cleaning. Even the most advanced and expensive toothbrush cannot reach every single hard to reach crevice, and you cannot get the same view of exactly what you are doing that your hygienist can. They have tools designed specifically to reach those hard to get to spots where most plaque and tarter builds up, and they have the knowledge of where to look and what to do to get rid of problem.

Can I remove plaque and tartar on my own?

Plaque is usually relatively easy to handle, as most brushes can wipe away troublesome plaque with a little elbow grease. Tartar, on the other hand, is a much more difficult nut to crack. These hardened deposits cling desperately to each tooth’s most vulnerable areas – the hard to reach spaces in the gum line or between individual teeth – and can only be removed when scraped off by a dental hygienist.

If you reside in the Grande Prairie, Alberta area and want to make your smile look as radiant as possible, contact Northern Dental Centre at 780-532-1786 and schedule an appointment for a professional teeth cleaning today. Then you will soon be ready to go around breaking hearts with your smile.

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